Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Robot Takeover

AI in the court: When algorithms rule on jail time

Monday, January 29, 2018

Tell Me Im Crazy If You Want To!

AI will "kill many jobs", claims Alibaba's CEO, and it's up to tech giants to protect the human race

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Neo Slaves: Americas New Slaves (2018)

Neo Slaves

The Neo Slaves of America are of all races. We are a society divided by many issues, but the one that divides us the most is wealth. We have deep discussions about minimum wage, welfare, immigration, and the likes. These issues stem from one major issue that we neglect to realize. The income gap. We talk about welfare being a problem, but we don't drill down to the root cause. Why is there so much welfare? Can a family make it on minimum wage? What is the cost of living?

Without diving into the numbers, lets just say that its an absolute fact that a family of four can not make it on minimum wage alone. This is were welfare comes into play. If we had a minimum wage that was based on the equilibrium of the market, our welfare system wouldn't be such an issue. By pushing people into poverty with such low minimum wages, they become nothing more than the new slaves of America. They don't have the money to appropriate in the economy, and they struggle to make it every single day. Most of the job available are servant type jobs. Cooking, cleaning, serving, waiting, can you see the pattern. Its slavery on a massive scale. Get up, go to work, go home broke, go to bed, and wake to start all over again.

The rich have excess money to use to make more money. This ensures they stay on top. The poor only sink deeper in debt. Leaving nothing to pass on to their children. The rich leave legacies. The rich go to college. While much of the poor are pushed into the work force to survive at young ages. The cycle continues.

Until America can elect the right people into office (Liberals). The mojority of America will become the Neo Slaves of America. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Robotics: The End of Work, Economics, and Capitalism

Robotics: The End of Work, Economics, and Capitalism

Many are fearful for their jobs with all the media today about automated automobiles, delivery robots, and self checkout lanes. In the short term this fear maybe justified, but long term we should all be extremely excited for our grand children, or great grand children. These children will live in a world that allows humans to enjoy life without the stress of providing for their families. Everything will be provided to them.

We must understand that this is an unstoppable future we are embarking on. The reason stems from global competition. China and India as well as other countries have been leading the world in cheap labor through unpopular labor practices. Cheaper labor equals cheaper products. The only thing cheaper is no labor. If American ignore this trend, they will be left behind. Frankly, Americans don't like to be last in anything. They and other countries like Japan will lead this movement to reduce manufacturing cost.

One other reason robotics will replace humans has to do with labor laws. Companies have to tread lightly with employees to prevent business ending lawsuits. To do so, companies will continue to moving away from labor. Labor laws don't apply to robots.

At some point robots will not only be doing all the work, but they will also create new robots and repair broken ones. Farming, manufacturing, you name it will be replaced. 

The first thing to happen will be a slow deduction in labor. Walmart just last week laid off a ton of employees. Lets think about this for a moment. Walmart has self check out lanes now, and they just ordered a huge fleet of electric trucks from Tesla that more than likely can be converted to autonomous fairly easily. This is the beginning. All physical labor will come to an end. 

Then the professional jobs will be hit. Doctors will soon have no jobs. Robots will draw blood, scan the body, diagnose, treat, and do surgeries without any human involvement. Most humans will be outfitted and implanted with nano bots that will catch every possible illness. Treatment will be done to humans as they live their lives. The entire planet will be video recorded. Laws will be enforced by robots that have access to all video footage. Punishment will be handed down without question. This will cause peace through fear. The only thing humans will have left to do is live, socialize, travel, love, and populate. 

War is the only possible end to this inevitable future.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Minorities Should Move to Rural Areas

Minorities Should Move to Rural Areas

Late 2017

A large movement of people could cause a political shift right? What if poor people decided to rent in areas within the same state for reason related to voting? Frankly, minorities should move to rural areas. If we really want to change America, we have to break the system. The only way to do this quickly is to shift the population. Destroying the Gerrymandering  system. See they draw the voting lines every 10 years. So this mean if we shift the population, we change the rules on them. The government on both sides rig the system in their favor. If we move to the areas they expect to be supporting one party or the other, we disrupt the system. This is our country. Not the governments, and this is a way to beat the system. Mixing the population is so important. Also, minorities mixed into populations of racist can change social stigma, and visa versa. The Democrats have the popular vote year after year in many elections, yet they lose. The reason is directly resulting from the electoral college. The electoral college is an old way of rigging the system, and it still works today. We have to beat the system if the government wont, and we can do so by simply moving to areas we don't belong. Not belonging is bullshit. We belong to the earth, and man has decide where they believe others belong. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Verlon's Hypothesis on the Cause of Disease & Aging

Verlon's Hypothesis on the Cause of Disease & Aging

Late 2016

I believe Lupus is caused by exposure to radiation. My wife, her sister, mother, and step dad all have thyroid problems. I've read that thyroid disease is one of the first signs of radiation exposure. I question my wife about where her and the family lived when she was a child. She said Simi-Valley. Turns out Simi-Valley had a radiation leak that caused a class action lawsuit. I also questioned a Lupus group on Facebook about the possibility of any of them being exposure to radiation. The responses were shocking. I'm convinced, but will continue to study this.

Radiation causes the human body to age. Background radiation slowly destroys cells in the body. With each passing day the human body dies. The sun is radiation. It causes cancer. Radiation leaks do the same. Figuring out how to block radiation is the true fountain of youth.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Confederate Flag Take Away Project

Confederate Flag Take Away Project

Mid 2015

The rebel flag is a sign of hate. No mater what it means personally, there's no way around it. It's now being used as a rallying call to other like minded individuals. That's not good. These types of activities can spawn a civil war. So I have been thinking outside the box a little, and have come up with an idea. Take the flag away, and claim it. What I mean is, take the flag, give it a different meaning completely. Say this flag represents our over coming of slavery. Put it on urban clothing. Make it into a hip-hop design. Put some Rasta init. This can go in a thousand directions. Structure it around the minority. Make the other side hate their own flag. Just flat out take it away, and make it your own.

Early 2018

I wrote the above blog back in mid-2015, and today nothing has changed. If anything its worse. If we think Conservatives will change on there own, we have lost "our" minds. We have to find different ways of changing the system. African Americans took the N-word away from racist and claimed it. So too should the confederate flag. It should be taken away, and the meaning changed.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Verlon's Hypothesis on Gravity

The Verlon's Hypothesis on Gravity

Mid 2015

I believes the earth's center is made of an element we have never seen before. This is because every large ball of matter (planets, moons, suns) has this element hidden deep in its center. This element is magnetic to all matter in the universe. The element creates gravity. If we were to extract this material, it would pull all objects to it. The Earth's core is this matter. Black holes are the results of this material at its rawest state in massive amount. As more matter is collected, a planet is formed.

Verlon's Hypothesis of Human Existence

Human Existence

The biggest question we have as human’s other than where we go when we die is where we come from. The hypothesis in this book is nearly impossible to prove, but let’s offer up a different scenario than what we currently believe about where we come from. There are two popular beliefs about our existence. The first and really quite a bit far fetched is the belief that God and/or gods created humans (Adam and Eve). If we dive into this possibility, and put ourselves in the place of a person who has never heard of gods or spirits we can see how truly ridiculous the thought is. The second is a more believable thought because of the evidence and research done in places like the Galapagos Island. This is where Charles Darwin studied the beaks of finches. Many believe that evolution transformed humans as we are today from single celled organisms. Of course, there’s the not so popular belief that alien life somehow creating us from splicing alien and ape chromosomes. This is still more believable than an invisible being creating us from nothing. We know its highly likely that there is life in Universe, and we know animals have the ability to be extremely intelligent (Humans).  Let’s for the sake of this hypothesis say we are those aliens, but we didn’t come from outside of our galaxy. That we came here using space flight, and that we’re just as intelligent then as we are now. Maybe we didn’t splice our genes, and maybe apes are like us because we brought them here. Or maybe life no matter what planet follow the laws. Just like rocks and matter in our galaxy can be found in other galaxies millions of light years away. 


The idea of humans being as intelligent as we are now many years ago makes sense when we look at the Ancient Greeks. They were extremely intelligent, and they lived over 2500 years ago. A ton of our language, science, and beliefs came from Ancient Greeks. Their buildings like the Ancient Egyptians were amazing considering we has now heavy equipment. The Ancient Aztecs mathematical genius. How long would it have taken for humans to become this intelligent? By the time the humans from antiquity where on the scene, the way we arrived on earth was long forgotten.

Evolution may truly be what makes us who we are, but I’m not convinced that it all took place on Earth. Why are we so much further advanced? It’s almost as if we had a huge (I mean huge) head start. It’s almost as if we evolved into the beings we are today entirely on a different planet way before we got to earth.

Here is how the hypothesis is laid out. Many years ago, the earth was in orbit at a distance too far from the sun to sustain life. This would be similar to where Mars is today. No atmosphere, extreme temperatures, and a lack of oxygen and/or water. The sun’s gravity pulls on the planets in our solar system. Venus at the time was in the right location to sustain life. I like to call this the sweet spot. Venus was once our Earth. There's a reason humans are so much more advanced than the rest of the animals on this planet. I can’t help but believe it’s because we have existed longer than any other species currently on earth.

Humans don't seem to be from Earth. We are the only animals that are unable to simply drink straight from streams and standing water and we must cook our food to avoid many types of sickness. No other animal has this issue. We change to adapt to these types of issues, yet humans have not. In this case we never adapted. There are augments that say we caused this by cooking our food. Well why did we begin cooking our food in the first place, and what about the different tribes all over the planet that still live as they did thousands of years ago, but still have cook their food and water.

Humans, like all other life forms have patterns. Sleep wake patterns, migratory patterns just to name two. Salmon swim back to their place of birth year in and year out. Whales follow magnetic fields as they travel the globe on routes that have been followed from many years. Every animal follows some form of patterns. All based on instinct. Humans are no different. In small populations we group and work together. Even humans that have never been around other population still group together, and follow the same patterns. It’s in our nature. This can be seen as far back as the Sumerians. We search for new things to discover and new ways of sustaining life. We travel, and we learn. As our populations grow, we put our thoughts together and become even smarter as a group. Not that our brains get bigger and that makes us smarter, but the collected knowledge of lessons learned is documented and used for the betterment of the group. As technology advances, we learn to document our learning. We even go as far as learning to communicate across the planet we occupy, and even from one planet to the next. This is illustrated with our current ability to communicate with rovers roaming and flying over distant planets.

We see our world around us and are curious about it. We want to understand every detail. As we go through this cycle, we become more and more advanced. Each short-lived life of billions of humans learn, collect what is learned, and pass this learning on to the next generation. As technology allows for a collection of learning, our learning is accelerated. We then develop artificial brains (computers) that multiply that learning again. This explains why we have advanced so much in just the last 100 years. Our advances allowed us to eventually leave the planet we currently live on and previously occupied. First with global flights, and then to the next planet. This hypothesis is meant to illustrate how the constant human pattern has played out repeatedly. Humans have followed this pattern before. We have been an advanced population before. So did we travel here from Venus?

If we did in fact travel to Earth from Venus, the question then becomes, how did we lose our technology and collected learning for so many years? The answer may never be known, but we can hypothesize again that we traveled to Earth with a group of humans to save our species, or our curiosity brought us here. That small group may or may not have been supported by the same technology when it arrived. It could have landed on a planet that may have been violently dangerous. Venus’s large population that supported material needs was left behind. There may have even been a moment in time when the two plants coexisted. Perhaps Venus was hit by an asteroid around the same time Earth was, and this killed the planet. Maybe this is what caused the new humans on Earth to be set back so many years. Ancient relics from all over the world show flying objects. This could be the documents illustrating how we got here. Atlantis may have even been where humans first landed. There quit possibly be technology deep in the Atlantic Sea. Technology we have yet to understand. This could explain events that happen in the Bermuda Triangle.

We always question why humans evolved, but many apes didn’t. This may be because apes are in a earlier stage of evolution. Perhaps by the time earth is ready to die from the Suns heat, they will have evolved into humans. Perhaps Mars will naturally become Earth like, and spawn many animals that too look and act much like the animals we see today. After millions of years of evolution. Its just cycles that continue to evolve. Maybe the different races are just other humans like the apes that are simply in a different stage of evolution. Maybe one of the races started on Mercury, and one from a planet before that, and maybe one originated from Venus at the start. Each new race evolved and coexisted. The truth is we don’t know, but we can speculate. Maybe apes and other animals were carried here like the story of the ark.

Imagine flying to another planet after leaving earth. We talk about Mars now and the difficulties of living there. The new plant has no humans, farms, restaurants, mining equipment, schools, computers, workforce, nothing. In the case of Mars, no oxygen or water. Your only priority on day one, is to survive. Year one may be filled with moments of near death. Hunger, animal attacks, disease, weather, etc., and that’s the best-case scenario assuming there was oxygen and water on Earth when we first arrived. Which questions humans involvement in adding these elements through some sort of intervention. Year after year the old technologies that got humans to this new planet have been forgotten and only become folk lore in such small populations. How long would it take a group of 10 or even a thousand humans to become 300 billion? With multiple races? The number is staggering I’m sure. Perhaps humans made our atmosphere before ever traveling to earth? This small group would have the same issues we have today. Disagreements and fights. Splits in the group. Explores would leave the group never to be heard from. These groups find new lands and start new families. The cycle continues on the natural cycle until, here we are again. Again, I mention cycles. We as humans follow cycles. If we were to land on Mars and thrive, we would follow this same pattern again until we eventually decide to make another jump to perhaps even to a different galaxy. Who knows, the humans on Venus may have even traveled further. There may be other humans in different parts of the universe. The process of becomes quicker as we continue to evolve. Therefore, Mars is not quite ready for us yet. If we can save us from ourselves long enough, Mars will be lush and habitable once it reaches the “sweet spot”, or we figure out how to make it livable.

The sweet spot is a region around the sun that allows a planet to develop life. Was the Earth just entering the sweet spot as it entered the ice age? Our planet is now getting hotter. This is due to our location to the sun (and damage caused by humans). If we want to see if life existed in places other than Earth, we should not be looking on Mars we should be looking on Venus (if it’s not too damaged from the Sun). Mars is our future. Venus was our past. Venus is closer to Earth than Mars, and is similar in size. At its furthest point, it’s about 162 million miles away. At its closest, it’s about 24 million miles away. This means that the planets are elliptically orbiting. It takes the planets about 584 days to be at their closest. Let’s not let this confuse us. As we (the Planets) get closer to the Sun. The orbits get tighter, and so does the distances between planets. And the orbit becomes more circular. So, the next question is, “how wide is the sweet spot”? Well I would say that’s complicated. The earth is 91 million miles for the sun in January and 94 million miles in July. Seems odd right? Why is the earth colder when the earth is further away? Well it’s not. It’s just that the earth is tilting. If you lived in Australia in the winter, you would feel differently about the question. But this illustrates how big the sweet spot really is, and how hard it is to figure out. The earth moves about 3 million miles in one year to and from the Sun. Yet life thrives. Now let’s say life on Venus is right on the edge of dying from heat. The sun is burning hot year-round. Humans have developed ways to survive, but they know they have to get off Venus soon. They see earth and know that it’s the only hope. At the same time Venus is dying, the Earth is still frozen, but is starting to show seasons and some melting. Of course, this is all speculation. Now we know that the Sun changes its intensity, but we will not get into that here. Variables are all over the place. Remember that this is only a hypothesis. It’s meant to drive science to a theory. Now, both planets are in the sweet spot, but just barely. Each are on the opposite ends of the sweet spot. Humans make a few trips to earth. They may even figure out ways to communicate back and forth to Venus. Maybe in ways we don’t yet understand. Or maybe it was a last-minute ditch effort, and left Venus just before it burned. We don’t know. Today we are amazed by the structures and the intelligence of the past humans. Humans figure out ways, and we always do. Then there’s the pyramids, and ancient structures we still can’t seem to understand how we actually built, and this shows our intelligence.

The question we really have today is, when will Mars reach the sweet spot, and when will we make our next move? I don’t know when, but I know we will. Will we create an atmosphere? Time will only tell.

Humans put life on a datum. Everything has a starting point. They say life started at this point or that point. I would rather say life is a cycle of waves that has no start or stop. Life and the existence of all things have always been. Matter just changes shape over time. If the Universe collapses, it will only expand again. The cycle continues over and over again. In patterns. The cycle of human’s life, may be the same cycle that has existed for trillions of years (or more). Humans may have inhabited Mercury prior to Venus. There may be other life forms in other galaxies living in cycles. It's perfect, all of it.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The "N" Word Dilemma

The "N" Word Dilemma


Early 2015

There has been a lot of talk lately on the news about the use of the "N" word. Some believe it should be unused/restricted by all, some believe it's acceptable for only African Americans to use it, and some think the use of it is acceptable by all. I believe part of the reason this argument has gone on for so long, is that all side of the conversion lack empathy for the other. The hateful use of the word is inappropriate and hurtful to many (even of to other races). The use of the word as a slang keeps the word alive, and has created an odd form of reverse decimation. African Americans says you’re not allowed to use that word. This is understandable, but it’s also morally wrong to think it’s acceptable to twist the meaning of a word, use it yourself, and dare another race to use it. It adds a double standard and helps to create a divided. We have come too far as Americans, and have made too much progress on our journey to eliminate racism to allow this one word to help put a road block in the way of progress. It creates barrier between people. This is something we must eliminate completely. We should look at this word as the enemy of freedom. As long as we allow this word to be spoken, we will never be allowed to move forward. We know it exist, and we know its history. 

Moving forward, I challenge you to show the rest of the world that you are against racism. If you hear any use the word, point them out publicly. Tell them "using the N word makes you a racist no matter what race you are". No matter what race, stop using this evil word. African Americans, please realize that not all Caucasians are racist, and that non of them were slave owners. To have hate for Caucasians as a group makes you just as guilty of racism. We can't move forward like that.

Human rights first.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Health Care in America is a Joke

Health Care


Capitalism is good, as long as the system leaves health out of it.

I lost my job a few weeks ago. I have always had the desire to work for myself. So here's my chance right? Wish that were true. The problem I'm running into is, my wife has lupus and I can not go without insurance for long. So I started looking into the cost of the Affordable Care Act. Affordable, really? The prices are way too high. The deductibles would send me straight in to the poor house within a year. How does someone with out a job pay $1,100-$1,700 for anything? What a joke.

If you want people to start their own businesses, provide them with universal health care. No one can start a business and have insurance at the same time without plenty of capital. Universal health care would give individuals like me, a chance to step out there and take a shot at their dreams.

I don't understand why it is even legal to use someone's hardship (bad health) as a why to capitalize. There is something morally wrong with getting rich when people are sick.

America please wake up.

The ones that are not effected by all this are the rich. They have the money and are making it through our suffering. Again, and as I stated below, they have the system set up to benefit their needs, not ours.


Just thought I'd add to this post being our new president (Donald dumb ass Trump) is attempting to make things worse by moving the country further from universal health care. Universal health care is not free. We pay taxes folks. Who has to pay for the tax write offs when hospitals and doctors don't get paid? We all do. The only difference is that poor person that couldn't afford health care to begin with is now saddled with a bill they can never pay off, and bad credit when they don't. Wish there was a way to reverse the roles of the rich and poor. The rich would have a different appropriation for what its like to be stuck at the bottom with no way up. Most would probably end their lives.


Affordable Care Act (ACA)... Lmfao, What a joke, but I don't blame this on Obama. Obama's plan was to make health care free, but the Republicans wont accept it. He compromised with the Republicans, and now we have a mess. Trump and the Republicans have now rewrote the tax system to de-funded the ACA, and what a mess this will be.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Real Right and a Rigged System

The Real Right

Early 2013

What's wrong with being fair? Paying an equal percentage is fair is fair right? How is if fair for a millionaire to pay the same amount in taxes as a poor mother? The rich understand and "own" the economic system, and it's meant to be unfair. They've created a near perfect and very complicated system. It’s mean to insure that mostly rich children will go to the best schools. These future ares to the thrown learn how to maintain the legacies. The system has been designed to protect the wealthiest of the population. The Right is the buffer between the rich and the poor. Their only job is to protect the rich and their money at all cost. They attempt to manipulate the poor (on the right) into thinking that they are one of them (they need the votes because they only represent a small fraction of the population).

Who we are as people deep down inside has not changed since the beginning of time. The hearts of the Right still believe in slavery. They believe they are better then you and I. Their ideology has not changed, only the world around them. The walls are closing in on the rich and the right. People are becoming more educated. Liberals are trying to close the gap, and elevate the poor by making their voices heard. Social media was created by Liberals to just this. This is the Liberals way of fighting back, and to some degree it's working.

If your making less than $250,000 a year and you still are voting for the Right, either you have been completely fooled or you are lying to yourself. Warning: The Right is no different than the Syrian Regime, or North Koreans, or any other dictatorships. If not for the Independents (Libertarians) and the Center Left, we would be in an active war to rule the world. They don’t want peace, hate to compromise, and will stop at nothing to rule and control everything. Mr. President, the Left would be crazy to put down their guns. I promise you the Right will never put down their guns. The South is still bitter over the civil war and still believe that the South will rise again.

The warning I wrote in 2013 is coming true. The Republicans are in power, and Trump is a dictator (main just a dick). Trump will push us into war, and maybe civil.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dear US Government

Dear US Government

Late 2012

This can stand true for the World.

We know that the gap between the rich and poor is growing. We know the Treasury is printing millions of dollars a day, and then gives it to banks to loan to the public. Lets instead give directly to the people Uncle Tom. Divide it out to "every US citizen". We should also implement the Fair Tax We should stop giving out food stamps and free lunches to just the poor. If we are going to be fair, lets be fair. How is it fair to give to one class and not another. Either give fairly or don't give at all. Why is fair so damn hard to see. We should send every child to college that can make the grade; every child. If a child is not making the grade, give that child free tutoring paid by the government. Stop making it so hard. It should be easy. If you have proof of citizenship, your in. You see, the smarter our children the better they will be with their finances. How can you expect children to grow up and go to college, if right out of the gate they need to start work just to eat. Teach them the value of a dollar in school not on the streets. Implement universal health care for all. Rich or poor. Create a society of smart, wealthy, multi-diverse people with goals of not trying to survive, but trying to change the planet as a group. We are making it harder then it has to be. The system is intentionally too complicated. It seems the rich are scared that the poor will become smart, and the competition will increase. I guess if I was loaded and born rich I would have a different view, but I wasn't.

Early 2018

Wow so Donald (ass wipe) Trump just set the system up to truly take more money from the poor and middle class. They (Republicans) once again pulled the wool over the eyes of their poor base by giving them a little tax break that will expire. Wake the fuck up people.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our 2nd Amendment Right

Our 2nd Amendment Right

Mid 2012

First off if has been a sad sad week and my heart hurts dearly for the survivors and family of the dead.

I'm a left leaning independent deist, and I believe in the second amendment. We have to be able to protect ourselves. Take a look at Syria and all the other country's involved in the Arab Spring uprising. We and other nation had to give weapons to the people to protect them from their own government. Keeping the public from carrying weapons is bad new for freedom. This ass hole in Aurora would have done anything to hurt these innocent people, guns or not. He had plans of hurting anyone in his way.  If there had been one citizen in that theater with a weapon, at lease one life may have been saved. Yeah he had bullet proof clothing on, but I promise you if one person started firing rounds at him thing would have been different. We have got to remember that the right to bear arms is meant to protect us from our own government. These incidents should not keep us from loosing focus on why we have this right. Fire arms even the odds. Lets say that an 80 year old grand mother is sleeping one night and wakes to sounds in her kitchen. In the kitchen is a violent individual that plans on stealing from her and then murdering her. With no gun shes done for. But if she has a fire arm, the tables have turned. Instead of being a victim, shes a survivor. If the bad people know that the innocent have no why to protect themselves, what will stop them?

The root cause is not the guns. It its the individual.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Under the Table

Under the Table

Mid 2012

To solve the problem of people being paid under the table we should put all taxes on the sales tax (i.e. Fairtax). Sure it may be higher, but damn we have to make the people working under the table pay their fair share some how. No more income tax. This is not a new idea. Honest people are taking the blunt of the bill. If you cant stop the illegals, and you can't stop tax evasion, change the system so they don't get an advantage. Its like a business. You have to react quickly. We have to stay ahead of the curve. Once we put this in place, we have to be quickly ready to react again. There will always be loop holes, and we can't be too naive to react before these loop holes are discovered. Manipulation is a tool of the rich. They know the honest (middle class and working poor) will work their selves to death to do whats right. Shouldering the price of the people that are riding the system. There is not just a war on the rich here. There is also a war on the free loaders (not the truly poor). Please understand that riding the system is only making things worse. You have to understand that you are fueling the fire. The question should always be, is the rich trying to manipulate me and the American people????

The Health Industry is Holding Back Entrepreneurs

The Health Industry is Holding Back Entrepreneurs

Mid 2012

This is a tough one. It seems the rich want doctors to continue raping the public. Maybe because they are all in bed together, and doctors are part of the rich. Using peoples health to promote capitalism is bullshit. Especially when the people being "used" are oblivious to the lies.

I'm going to jump right in and make this short. Why do the people of America not start their own businesses? Because they cant afford their own insurance. Its just that simple folks. It's not a lack of money. There are programs to help, loans, and grants. It's not a lack of ideas. How do you survive when insurance cost more then a mortgage? This is only a control mechanism, and we must wake up. Dammit we must wake up! They have the money to educate. They have the money to control the news and media. They have the money to buy the government. They have the money to manipulate the people. They're using your health to corner you. We work our asses off to pay taxes. The least the government can do is provide health care.


We have to remove the conservatives. We have to vote Democrat if we want Universal Health Care.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Why are Humans Never Satisfied

Why are Humans Never Satisfied

Mid 2012

We as humans never know when enough is enough. We are always excited about our next experience. After the experience has run its course, we start to focus on the next, then the next, and the next. At what point do we become satisfied. Satisfaction is usually a false sense that we have forced ourselves to believe when there is lack of resources such as money to obtain our next experience. We also disciplined ourselves into submission and tell others we are satisfied with life. That would be great but I don’t believe it to be true. I personally budget my life to insure future needs are in place and have disciplined myself. This doesn’t stop the voice inside that always what’s a new experience. When I say experience, I mean the experience of having a new thing, or new view of the world, more learning, new food I’ve never tried, the feel of a new car, and on and on.
All experience becomes a thing of the past. And once experienced, the mind wants the next best thing. Will this never ending insistence of the next best thing be what drives human nature to its end? Or is it what keeps pushing us forward. Is this sense of wanting more what the Buddha calls desire and one of the causes of suffering? If this is the case, why are we constantly being pushed by ourselves to do what will only lead to suffering? Why have we been programmed to behave this way? Is desire a form of suffering when we can’t have what we want? And is desire and lack of fulfillment what causes violence and suicide?
What about experiences many can’t seem to get enough of like sex, drugs, or that killer sandwich at corner sub shop. What about the times when we let go of something old only to miss it when it’s gone. We never seem to know what good for us. And I don’t thing we ever will. Not as a whole.

Do All Humans Lie?

Do All Humans Lie

Mid 2012

Why do humans lie? 
Answer: because of numeral uno. Not only do they lie to other humans, they lie to themselves. What’s odd about lying to yourself is that most of the time you have to do some reflecting in order to see that you have, in fact; lied to yourself. Just like any other human behavior, once you’ve developed a habit, it becomes automatic. The opposite side of lying is of course honesty. But volunteering information for the sake of being honest, more times than not; is only meant to be hateful and rude. Unless someone asks you to give your opinion, why would you? You were just being honest right? No one just walked up to you and said your breath smells like you’ve been eating a very small piece of Rat Terrier shit did they? So you see my point (probably not)? If you are asked by someone to be completely honest, there is still no reason to be rude. State the facts and try to be kind. It’s very rare and if they do, it’s because they trust your opinion. If you’re the human asking for some advice, take it in, don’t get your feelings hurt, and always remember that every human action is driven to satisfy one’s self. My favorite book on honesty is “Radical Honesty”-by Dr. Brad Blanton.
How does knowing this make life less complicated? Aside from the fact that you have to always be aware that humans are all self-centered by nature, and lie because of it; don’t make your own life complicated by lying to yourself. Spend some time reflecting on your own thoughts. Just listen to yourself and think before you speak. “I don’t know” is a great answer, when you don’t.

Welfare at the Cost of the Middle Class

Welfare at the Cost of the Middle Class

Mid 2012

Welfare: The organized effort of government agencies that grant aid to the poor the unemployed, etc.
Okay, so if this is the correct meaning of welfare and the government is supported by the people, why is the middle class stuck with the bill?
There is a current argument in congress today that basically says that the rich are not paying their fair percentage of taxes. Understand that not only are the rich, rich; they are very intelligent when it comes to money. Think about it, they've constructed a system that creates more wealth based on the amount of money you have (the reason the rich are getting richer). And they understand how to manipulate society in their favor. Not to mention they have the pockets to bribe the right people. If the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes and the poor don’t pay any, who do you think is being stuck with the bill required to support all welfare programs.

Just as a gut feeling I would assume that the lower end of the wealthy are really middle class and lower end of the middle class are poor (more smoke and mirrors). The lower ends wealthy have become the solders for the ultra-rich and have no clue that they are really only part of the middle class. The rich use these zombies to push their message (or manipulate). Damn it sure feels good to have the title “rich”. I call it blind. I don’t care how much money comes in each month, if you are unable to quit your job and support yourself until the day you die with no fear of how you will pay a major medical bill in the event of illness, you are not the rich. The truth is the lower end rich are so determined to look rich; they've put their selves in debt so far their children will not inherit a dime. What’s even worse is that these children have been spoiled into a false reality. One generation later and these families are in the poor house. Because mom and dad where so busy looking rich, they forgot to teach their children how to budget and live below their means.

The rich are paying the government to protect their livelihood at the cost of the middle class. Why do the rich not want health care to be universal; because the working middle class would have about $400 or much more a month to save(The middle class people are beginning to save and no longer spend. The poor already have free insurance or are already so far in medical debt and feel the future is hopeless, they don’t care to add more debt. And the rich don’t need it.). The rich like all other humans are competitive and want to keep as many people below “the line” as possible. Slowly the rich are pushing the line further and further away; driving us back to the days of kings, queens, and the poor ass peasants. The more people with money the less the rich are worth. Why do you think the rich have become so rich during this economic down turn? Why do gas prices fluctuate at just the right moments? Oil is one of the many tools the rich use to hold down the middle class. The rich want the middle class to have just enough money to support the poor, but not enough to generate more wealth. The economy has got to be scaring the shit of the rich though. If you study the great depression, you will find that the population as a whole became smarter with their money and began to save. This movement sparked and created wealth for people like Warren Buffet and George Soros. To this day these men still live frugal. But the rich do not want the middle class to do this and they are scared we might just learn from our mistakes and see the rich for who they really are. The rich want you blind, in debt to the banks they own, spend money on the goods they create, and pay for the poor. And God forbid someone generate enough influence to challenge them. Think about it. How will the poor and middle class ever have a say when we are too broke to get into office. Who was the last poor or middle class government official you remember? The part that is an absolute joke is how well the parties are at manipulating you. Both parties are rich. And most of their followers are middle class and poor. They say, hey people, we are going to take care of you when we get in office. Then they get in office and…….nothing. So what can we do? Vote maybe? For who? Our current process is doomed for the individuals below the line. Who's to blame for this huge divide between the rich and poor? I promise you it's not the poor.

Is it impossible for "everyone" to be rich? Some have to be poor. The larger the percentage of the population that’s poor, the richer the rich become.

Money is a resource. The rich did not want the past bail outs because more money must be printed to do so, and that means the value of their dollar falls. They become poorer overnight. A true bailout should have gone to the people directly. But instead the rich said no if we do that the ever growing smarter middle class will try to save it. So let’s just give it to ourselves. Hopefully the middle class will have psychological shift in thinking (oh everything is better now) and start spending again. This didn't work because you gave the damn money to yourselves and didn't think we would notice. The money should have been divided out to all “working” people evenly. You know the ones that pay for everything. And make their money the hard way. I don’t believe all the rich are corrupt but can someone please show me the ones that aren't?

Abraham Lincoln - “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.”

-Gradualism is how they got us here and we need to stop it. Little by little all of our freedoms are being taken away.

Will we ever get the things we need to truly prosper and be free? Or is this all just a vicious cycle that will doom society. Is human nature set in stone and meant to be this way? Look at history; has there ever been a truly free nation with peace? The answer I’m sorry to tell you is no. See the problem is that there is a left and a right to everything. 

Newton’s law applies to everything, including human behavior. Meaning there will always be struggle. And each and every human is worried only about numeral uno.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What is Right and What is Wrong

What is Right and What is Wrong

Early 2012

More times than not, we decide what is right based on our own self-centered reasoning. With this in mind I would like to ask a few tough questions. So, here we go.
Is Christianity right or is Islam? Is it wrong to keep a woman under a vial? Is it wrong to steal in order to feed our children? If the law says something is wrong, is it truly wrong? If so, then why is the law different from one country to the next? Why is it acceptable to say that a country is founded on Christianity and then say it’s okay to kill our enemy? Is this in the name of God? According to the bible, Christ was taken to the cross without resistance from Christ himself and we should walk as he did. What is right and what is wrong? We may never know if our actions are just. If the world is as old as scientist say, and the universe continues to expand, why will anything that we do on this little planet in the middle of nowhere matter? If we can’t get off this God-for-saken planet before it becomes fuel for the Sun, why should we even give a shit about any of it? Christ says not to love the earth. WOW. As individuals this gets real deep. Is democracy the correct mind set for the country or for the individual, or is communism? Just to stir the shit a little, it’s hard to argue against communism being a great tool for the survival of a country, when some communistic countries are the only ones surviving economic down turns. Maybe as individuals we don’t know what is best. Or will time tell a different story? With the Arab Spring running its course; I ask; is this what’s best? Are we ever satisfied with the laws of the land? When we finally get it right will we even know it? Just as there are opposites to every aspect of life, so are the thoughts of right and wrong. Won’t you agree (probably not)? Should we be on offence or defense? Do we go green or not, drill for oil or not, protect the rich or not, feed the world or not, kill all of Iran or save the people. Here’s a tough one, be racist or not? Do we even have the choice to decide or are these thoughts embedded at birth? Is this all just nature running it course. 

Let me ask the one question that no one has ever asked (so I think): "isn't everything that happens in the universe part of nature???" If it wasn't "natural", why is anything possible? Do you think that as usual, nature will correct itself? Isn't nature the only thing that is just? What says that any action is unnatural or that what we do is wrong? Maybe the planet is meant to be destroyed or maybe the attempt to preserve the planet is what is best. You will have to answer all this for yourselves. But what I would like to add is this. If we weren't suppose to do something, we wouldn't be able to. Let me make myself a little clearer. If cloning, or stem cell, or artificial insemination,.... (you see my point) was unnatural, we wouldn't be able to do it.