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Welfare at the Cost of the Middle Class

Welfare at the Cost of the Middle Class

Mid 2012

Welfare: The organized effort of government agencies that grant aid to the poor the unemployed, etc.
Okay, so if this is the correct meaning of welfare and the government is supported by the people, why is the middle class stuck with the bill?
There is a current argument in congress today that basically says that the rich are not paying their fair percentage of taxes. Understand that not only are the rich, rich; they are very intelligent when it comes to money. Think about it, they've constructed a system that creates more wealth based on the amount of money you have (the reason the rich are getting richer). And they understand how to manipulate society in their favor. Not to mention they have the pockets to bribe the right people. If the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes and the poor don’t pay any, who do you think is being stuck with the bill required to support all welfare programs.

Just as a gut feeling I would assume that the lower end of the wealthy are really middle class and lower end of the middle class are poor (more smoke and mirrors). The lower ends wealthy have become the solders for the ultra-rich and have no clue that they are really only part of the middle class. The rich use these zombies to push their message (or manipulate). Damn it sure feels good to have the title “rich”. I call it blind. I don’t care how much money comes in each month, if you are unable to quit your job and support yourself until the day you die with no fear of how you will pay a major medical bill in the event of illness, you are not the rich. The truth is the lower end rich are so determined to look rich; they've put their selves in debt so far their children will not inherit a dime. What’s even worse is that these children have been spoiled into a false reality. One generation later and these families are in the poor house. Because mom and dad where so busy looking rich, they forgot to teach their children how to budget and live below their means.

The rich are paying the government to protect their livelihood at the cost of the middle class. Why do the rich not want health care to be universal; because the working middle class would have about $400 or much more a month to save(The middle class people are beginning to save and no longer spend. The poor already have free insurance or are already so far in medical debt and feel the future is hopeless, they don’t care to add more debt. And the rich don’t need it.). The rich like all other humans are competitive and want to keep as many people below “the line” as possible. Slowly the rich are pushing the line further and further away; driving us back to the days of kings, queens, and the poor ass peasants. The more people with money the less the rich are worth. Why do you think the rich have become so rich during this economic down turn? Why do gas prices fluctuate at just the right moments? Oil is one of the many tools the rich use to hold down the middle class. The rich want the middle class to have just enough money to support the poor, but not enough to generate more wealth. The economy has got to be scaring the shit of the rich though. If you study the great depression, you will find that the population as a whole became smarter with their money and began to save. This movement sparked and created wealth for people like Warren Buffet and George Soros. To this day these men still live frugal. But the rich do not want the middle class to do this and they are scared we might just learn from our mistakes and see the rich for who they really are. The rich want you blind, in debt to the banks they own, spend money on the goods they create, and pay for the poor. And God forbid someone generate enough influence to challenge them. Think about it. How will the poor and middle class ever have a say when we are too broke to get into office. Who was the last poor or middle class government official you remember? The part that is an absolute joke is how well the parties are at manipulating you. Both parties are rich. And most of their followers are middle class and poor. They say, hey people, we are going to take care of you when we get in office. Then they get in office and…….nothing. So what can we do? Vote maybe? For who? Our current process is doomed for the individuals below the line. Who's to blame for this huge divide between the rich and poor? I promise you it's not the poor.

Is it impossible for "everyone" to be rich? Some have to be poor. The larger the percentage of the population that’s poor, the richer the rich become.

Money is a resource. The rich did not want the past bail outs because more money must be printed to do so, and that means the value of their dollar falls. They become poorer overnight. A true bailout should have gone to the people directly. But instead the rich said no if we do that the ever growing smarter middle class will try to save it. So let’s just give it to ourselves. Hopefully the middle class will have psychological shift in thinking (oh everything is better now) and start spending again. This didn't work because you gave the damn money to yourselves and didn't think we would notice. The money should have been divided out to all “working” people evenly. You know the ones that pay for everything. And make their money the hard way. I don’t believe all the rich are corrupt but can someone please show me the ones that aren't?

Abraham Lincoln - “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.”

-Gradualism is how they got us here and we need to stop it. Little by little all of our freedoms are being taken away.

Will we ever get the things we need to truly prosper and be free? Or is this all just a vicious cycle that will doom society. Is human nature set in stone and meant to be this way? Look at history; has there ever been a truly free nation with peace? The answer I’m sorry to tell you is no. See the problem is that there is a left and a right to everything. 

Newton’s law applies to everything, including human behavior. Meaning there will always be struggle. And each and every human is worried only about numeral uno.

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