Thursday, July 16, 2015

Confederate Flag Take Away Project

Confederate Flag Take Away Project

Mid 2015

The rebel flag is a sign of hate. No mater what it means personally, there's no way around it. It's now being used as a rallying call to other like minded individuals. That's not good. These types of activities can spawn a civil war. So I have been thinking outside the box a little, and have come up with an idea. Take the flag away, and claim it. What I mean is, take the flag, give it a different meaning completely. Say this flag represents our over coming of slavery. Put it on urban clothing. Make it into a hip-hop design. Put some Rasta init. This can go in a thousand directions. Structure it around the minority. Make the other side hate their own flag. Just flat out take it away, and make it your own.

Early 2018

I wrote the above blog back in mid-2015, and today nothing has changed. If anything its worse. If we think Conservatives will change on there own, we have lost "our" minds. We have to find different ways of changing the system. African Americans took the N-word away from racist and claimed it. So too should the confederate flag. It should be taken away, and the meaning changed.