Friday, November 1, 2013

Health Care in America is a Joke

Health Care


Capitalism is good, as long as the system leaves health out of it.

I lost my job a few weeks ago. I have always had the desire to work for myself. So here's my chance right? Wish that were true. The problem I'm running into is, my wife has lupus and I can not go without insurance for long. So I started looking into the cost of the Affordable Care Act. Affordable, really? The prices are way too high. The deductibles would send me straight in to the poor house within a year. How does someone with out a job pay $1,100-$1,700 for anything? What a joke.

If you want people to start their own businesses, provide them with universal health care. No one can start a business and have insurance at the same time without plenty of capital. Universal health care would give individuals like me, a chance to step out there and take a shot at their dreams.

I don't understand why it is even legal to use someone's hardship (bad health) as a why to capitalize. There is something morally wrong with getting rich when people are sick.

America please wake up.

The ones that are not effected by all this are the rich. They have the money and are making it through our suffering. Again, and as I stated below, they have the system set up to benefit their needs, not ours.


Just thought I'd add to this post being our new president (Donald dumb ass Trump) is attempting to make things worse by moving the country further from universal health care. Universal health care is not free. We pay taxes folks. Who has to pay for the tax write offs when hospitals and doctors don't get paid? We all do. The only difference is that poor person that couldn't afford health care to begin with is now saddled with a bill they can never pay off, and bad credit when they don't. Wish there was a way to reverse the roles of the rich and poor. The rich would have a different appropriation for what its like to be stuck at the bottom with no way up. Most would probably end their lives.


Affordable Care Act (ACA)... Lmfao, What a joke, but I don't blame this on Obama. Obama's plan was to make health care free, but the Republicans wont accept it. He compromised with the Republicans, and now we have a mess. Trump and the Republicans have now rewrote the tax system to de-funded the ACA, and what a mess this will be.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Real Right and a Rigged System

The Real Right

Early 2013

What's wrong with being fair? Paying an equal percentage is fair is fair right? How is if fair for a millionaire to pay the same amount in taxes as a poor mother? The rich understand and "own" the economic system, and it's meant to be unfair. They've created a near perfect and very complicated system. It’s mean to insure that mostly rich children will go to the best schools. These future ares to the thrown learn how to maintain the legacies. The system has been designed to protect the wealthiest of the population. The Right is the buffer between the rich and the poor. Their only job is to protect the rich and their money at all cost. They attempt to manipulate the poor (on the right) into thinking that they are one of them (they need the votes because they only represent a small fraction of the population).

Who we are as people deep down inside has not changed since the beginning of time. The hearts of the Right still believe in slavery. They believe they are better then you and I. Their ideology has not changed, only the world around them. The walls are closing in on the rich and the right. People are becoming more educated. Liberals are trying to close the gap, and elevate the poor by making their voices heard. Social media was created by Liberals to just this. This is the Liberals way of fighting back, and to some degree it's working.

If your making less than $250,000 a year and you still are voting for the Right, either you have been completely fooled or you are lying to yourself. Warning: The Right is no different than the Syrian Regime, or North Koreans, or any other dictatorships. If not for the Independents (Libertarians) and the Center Left, we would be in an active war to rule the world. They don’t want peace, hate to compromise, and will stop at nothing to rule and control everything. Mr. President, the Left would be crazy to put down their guns. I promise you the Right will never put down their guns. The South is still bitter over the civil war and still believe that the South will rise again.

The warning I wrote in 2013 is coming true. The Republicans are in power, and Trump is a dictator (main just a dick). Trump will push us into war, and maybe civil.