Friday, December 28, 2012

Dear US Government,

This can stand true for the World.

We know that the gap between the rich and poor is growing.  We know the Treasury is printing Millions of dollars a day and then gives it to banks to loan to the public. Lets instead give directly to the people. Divide it out to "every US citizen". We should also implement the Fair Tax We should stop giving out food stamps and free lunches to just the poor. If we are going to be fair, lets be fair. How is it fair to give to one class and not another. Either give fairly or don't give at all. Why is fair so damn hard to see. We should send every child to college that can make the grade; every child. And stop making it so hard. It should be easy, if you have proof of citizenship, your in. You see the smarter our children the better they will be with their finances. How can you expect children to grow up and go to college if right out of the gate they need to start work just to eat. Teach them the value of a dollar in school not on the streets. Implement universal health care for all. Rich or poor. Create a society of smart, wealthy, multi-diverse people with goals of not trying to survive, but trying to change the planet as a group for real peace and freedom. We are making it harder then it has to be. The system is intentionally too complicated. It seems the rich are scared that the poor will become smart, and the competition will increase. I guess if I was loaded and born rich I would have a different view, but I wasn't.