Friday, June 1, 2012

Do All Humans Lie?

Do All Humans Lie

Mid 2012

Why do humans lie? 
Answer: because of numeral uno. Not only do they lie to other humans, they lie to themselves. What’s odd about lying to yourself is that most of the time you have to do some reflecting in order to see that you have, in fact; lied to yourself. Just like any other human behavior, once you’ve developed a habit, it becomes automatic. The opposite side of lying is of course honesty. But volunteering information for the sake of being honest, more times than not; is only meant to be hateful and rude. Unless someone asks you to give your opinion, why would you? You were just being honest right? No one just walked up to you and said your breath smells like you’ve been eating a very small piece of Rat Terrier shit did they? So you see my point (probably not)? If you are asked by someone to be completely honest, there is still no reason to be rude. State the facts and try to be kind. It’s very rare and if they do, it’s because they trust your opinion. If you’re the human asking for some advice, take it in, don’t get your feelings hurt, and always remember that every human action is driven to satisfy one’s self. My favorite book on honesty is “Radical Honesty”-by Dr. Brad Blanton.
How does knowing this make life less complicated? Aside from the fact that you have to always be aware that humans are all self-centered by nature, and lie because of it; don’t make your own life complicated by lying to yourself. Spend some time reflecting on your own thoughts. Just listen to yourself and think before you speak. “I don’t know” is a great answer, when you don’t.

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