Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our 2 Amendment

First off if has been a sad sad week and my heart hurts dearly for the survivors and family of the dead.

I'm a left leaning independent Libertarian agnostic, and I believe in the second amendment. We have to be able to protect ourselves. Take a look at Syria and all the other country's involved in the Arab Spring uprising. We and other nation had to give weapons to the people to protect them from their own government. Keeping the public from carrying weapons is bad new for freedom. This ass hole in Aurora would have done anything to hurt these innocent people, guns or not. He had plans of hurting anyone in his way.  If there had been one citizen in that theater with a weapon, at lease one life may have been saved. Yeah he had bullet proof clothing on, but I promise you if one person started firing rounds at him thing would have been different. We have got to remember that the right to bear arms is meant to protect us from our own government. These incidents should not keep us from loosing focus on why we have this right. Fire arms even the odds. Lets say that an 80 year old grand mother is sleeping one night and wakes to sounds in her kitchen. In the kitchen is a violent individual that plans on stealing from her and then murdering her. With no gun shes done for. But if she has a fire arm, the tables have turned. Instead of being a victim, shes a survivor. If the bad people know that the innocent have no why to protect themselves, what will stop them?

The root cause is not the guns. It its the individual.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Under the Table

To solve this problem (title of the post), here's how. Put a sales tax on all purchases (i.e. fair tax). Sure it may be higher, but damn, we have to make the people working under the table pay their fair share some how. No more income tax. This is not a new idea. Honest people are taking the blunt of the bill. If you cant stop the illegals, and you can't stop tax evasion, change the system so they don't get an advantage. Its like a business. You have to react quickly. We have to stay ahead of the curve. Once we put this in place, we have to be quickly ready to react again. There will always be loop holes, and we can't be too naive to react before these loop holes are discovered. Manipulation is a tool of the rich. They know the honest (middle class and working poor) will work their selves to death to do whats right. Shouldering the price of the people that are riding the system. There is not just a war on the rich here. There is also a war on the free loaders (not the truly poor). Please understand that riding the system is only making things worse. You have to understand that you are fueling the fire. The question should always be, is the rich trying to manipulate me and the American people????

The Health Industry is Holding Back Entrepreneurs

Okay, this is a tough one. It seems rich want doctors to continue raping the public (i.e. stay rich). "Using" peoples health to promote capitalism is bullshit. Especially when the people being "used" are oblivious to your lies. I'm going to jump right in and make it short. Why do the people of America not start their own businesses??? Because they cant afford their own insurance. How do you survive when insurance cost more then a mortgage??? This is only a control mechanism, and we must wake up. Dammit we must wake up!!!!!! They have the money to educate. They have the money to control the news and media. They have the money to buy the government. They have the money to manipulate the people. They're using your health to corner you. We work our asses off to pay taxes. If we cover the health of the American people and they will provide jobs to all. How do we pay??????? Read my blogs and I will give you my ideas.