Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Real Right

What's wrong with being fair? Paying an Equal % is fair. Not an even dollar amount when you earn 1000 times more. The rich understand and "own" the system. It's meant to be unfair. They've created a near perfect and very complicated system. It’s insuring that mostly rich children will go to the best schools. These future Ares to the thrown learn how to maintain the legacies. The system has been designed to protect the wealthiest. The Right is the buffer between the rich and the poor. Their only job is to protect the rich and their money at all cost. They attempt to manipulate the poor into thinking that they are one of them (they need the votes). Who we are as people deep down inside has not changed since the beginning of time. The hearts of the Right still believe in slavery. They believe they are better then you and I. Their ideology has not changed, only the world around them. The walls are closing in on the rich. People are becoming more educated. If your making less than $250,000 a year and you still are voting for the Right, either you have been completely fooled or you are lying to yourself. Warning: The Right is no different than the Syrian Regime, or North Koreans, or any other dictatorships. If not for the Independents (Libertarians) and the Center Left, we would be in an active war to rule the world. They don’t want peace, hate to compromise, and will stop at nothing to rule and control everything. Mr. President, the Left would be crazy to put down their guns. I promise you the Right will never put down their guns. The South is still bitter over the civil war and still believe that the South will rise again. Thank the Creator the Libertarian Party is here to save us all. If we would just listen.