Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Health Industry is Holding Back Entrepreneurs

Okay, this is a tough one. It seems rich want doctors to continue raping the public (i.e. stay rich). "Using" peoples health to promote capitalism is bullshit. Especially when the people being "used" are oblivious to your lies. I'm going to jump right in and make it short. Why do the people of America not start their own businesses??? Because they cant afford their own insurance. How do you survive when insurance cost more then a mortgage??? This is only a control mechanism, and we must wake up. Dammit we must wake up!!!!!! They have the money to educate. They have the money to control the news and media. They have the money to buy the government. They have the money to manipulate the people. They're using your health to corner you. We work our asses off to pay taxes. If we cover the health of the American people and they will provide jobs to all. How do we pay??????? Read my blogs and I will give you my ideas.

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