Sunday, January 1, 2012

What is Right and What is Wrong

What is Right and What is Wrong

Early 2012

More times than not, we decide what is right based on our own self-centered reasoning. With this in mind I would like to ask a few tough questions. So, here we go.
Is Christianity right or is Islam? Is it wrong to keep a woman under a vial? Is it wrong to steal in order to feed our children? If the law says something is wrong, is it truly wrong? If so, then why is the law different from one country to the next? Why is it acceptable to say that a country is founded on Christianity and then say it’s okay to kill our enemy? Is this in the name of God? According to the bible, Christ was taken to the cross without resistance from Christ himself and we should walk as he did. What is right and what is wrong? We may never know if our actions are just. If the world is as old as scientist say, and the universe continues to expand, why will anything that we do on this little planet in the middle of nowhere matter? If we can’t get off this God-for-saken planet before it becomes fuel for the Sun, why should we even give a shit about any of it? Christ says not to love the earth. WOW. As individuals this gets real deep. Is democracy the correct mind set for the country or for the individual, or is communism? Just to stir the shit a little, it’s hard to argue against communism being a great tool for the survival of a country, when some communistic countries are the only ones surviving economic down turns. Maybe as individuals we don’t know what is best. Or will time tell a different story? With the Arab Spring running its course; I ask; is this what’s best? Are we ever satisfied with the laws of the land? When we finally get it right will we even know it? Just as there are opposites to every aspect of life, so are the thoughts of right and wrong. Won’t you agree (probably not)? Should we be on offence or defense? Do we go green or not, drill for oil or not, protect the rich or not, feed the world or not, kill all of Iran or save the people. Here’s a tough one, be racist or not? Do we even have the choice to decide or are these thoughts embedded at birth? Is this all just nature running it course. 

Let me ask the one question that no one has ever asked (so I think): "isn't everything that happens in the universe part of nature???" If it wasn't "natural", why is anything possible? Do you think that as usual, nature will correct itself? Isn't nature the only thing that is just? What says that any action is unnatural or that what we do is wrong? Maybe the planet is meant to be destroyed or maybe the attempt to preserve the planet is what is best. You will have to answer all this for yourselves. But what I would like to add is this. If we weren't suppose to do something, we wouldn't be able to. Let me make myself a little clearer. If cloning, or stem cell, or artificial insemination,.... (you see my point) was unnatural, we wouldn't be able to do it.