Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Verlon's Hypothesis on the Cause of Disease & Aging

Verlon's Hypothesis on the Cause of Disease & Aging

Late 2016

I believe Lupus is caused by exposure to radiation. My wife, her sister, mother, and step dad all have thyroid problems. I've read that thyroid disease is one of the first signs of radiation exposure. I question my wife about where her and the family lived when she was a child. She said Simi-Valley. Turns out Simi-Valley had a radiation leak that caused a class action lawsuit. I also questioned a Lupus group on Facebook about the possibility of any of them being exposure to radiation. The responses were shocking. I'm convinced, but will continue to study this.

Radiation causes the human body to age. Background radiation slowly destroys cells in the body. With each passing day the human body dies. The sun is radiation. It causes cancer. Radiation leaks do the same. Figuring out how to block radiation is the true fountain of youth.

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